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        地 址:宁波余姚五星村西竹山西45号

        add  :NO.45 WUXING Road,Yuyao, Zhejiang,China

        电 话Tel::+086-0574 -62506965

        联系人connect :Taylor

        手 机Tel:+086-13884486786


        邮 箱 Email:taylorli717@163.com                               

                                             [email protected]

        the new products
           The plastics mould trade company from China
                   SongFeng  plastics mould company was established in September 09, is located in Ningbo, Yuyao mould town, is a professional hand model, SLA rapid prototyping, product design, plastic mould making and silica-die small batch production enterprises. 
               1. We also work as purchasing or sourcing agent for oversea buyers, helping them with sourcing the best suitable products, quality inspection, price negotiation , order follow up .
               2. We produce the plastics mold and the silica gel model in the good quality at the low price.
              3. With the good engineers we can design the 3D including the stroller ,the kids car seat ,sports equipment, toys, kitchen equipment, and supplies and other fields
               The company has a group of experienced senior engineering and technical personnel, with the scientific quality management system, committed to product development and model technology to improve, to meet our customers on product quality and cycle requirements. Company owns laser rapid prototyping machine, CNC machining centers, engraving and milling machine, lathes, milling machines, vacuum-die machines and other machinery and equipment. Materials making model include: ABS, PMMA (acrylic), PC, POM, PP ( steel ), aluminum alloy, magnesium alloy, copper and others. The plastics mould products include automotive, power tools, sanitary ware, medical equipment, stroller ,the kids car seat ,sports equipment, toys, kitchen equipment, communications equipment and supplies and other fields. Of course we make the entire manual display sample for customer.
                    The company improve the internal structure  including the hand model, mould programming department, production department and other complete process sector, with a group of senior industrial designer and the plastics mould design engineer, CNC senior programming division,  making a variety of products shell and structure model of production and batch production. All the production style is base on the product traceability system and Europe and the United States production mode especial making the tooling mould. Mold quality has been a high degree of customer recognition.
                    In our trade company the market general manager Mr. Taylor and the technical direct Mr. Tony Song both had worked the large-scale company. Mr. Taylor had serviced in the Shanghai Volkswagen Company Ltd and the center technology of the GoodBaby Company. He is good at the shape product such as moving structure, the plastic tooling mould technology and attending the Germany  Cologne  Exhibition many times. So Mr. Taylor  is very family with Europe market and combine ingenious the management idea of large-scale company and the need of the market.
                  The technical direct Mr. Tony Song is working in making the plastic mould for more than ten years. Mr. Tony Song is specialize in the area such as each kind of mold design, the structure minute, select the steel products to have the unique opinion. the mould quality is access to the international market.
                 The company receives "humanist, take the quality as the center, by the customer supreme" the management idea, to the enthusiasm is faithful, the good faith, the innovation, the unity, strives for success starts an undertaking the objective, the surrounding area as always, will strive for perfection, altogether will create with you magnificently.
                IF you feel we are the future cooperater and help you to make more rich,Please call me +086-13884486786 or Email :[email protected] Now the door of rich is opening for you!

                 余姚宋锋模型厂成立于09年9月,位于宁波余姚模具城,是一家拥有硅胶模型手板厂和模具加工厂复合实体贸易公司,SLA快速成型,产品设计,塑料模具制作及硅胶复模 小批量生产的企业。公司拥有一批经验丰富的高级工程技术人员,具备科学的质量管理体系,致力于产品的研发和模型技术的提高,满足客户对产品质量和周期的要求。公司现有激光快速成型机,CNC加工中心、雕铣机、车床、铣床、真空复?;然魃璞???捎糜谀P椭谱鞯牟牧习?ABS、PMMA(亚克力)、PC、POM(赛钢)、PP、铝合金、镁合金、铜等材料。模具产品涵盖汽车、电动工具、卫浴洁具、医疗器械、运动器材、儿童安全汽车座椅,推车,玩具、厨房设备、通讯设备及生活用品等多个领域。为客户提供整套展示样品制作和打样!    
                 本公司的市场总监李总和技术总监宋总,均在大型公司服务过,李总(Mr.  Victor  Li)曾服务于上海大众汽车和好孩子研发中心,对产品的外观,结构,模具的工艺有深厚的功底,多次参加德国科隆展会,在国外市场有良好的人脉,把大公司的管理理念和市场的需求,巧妙得结合,得到了延伸,力求国外的客户的利益最大化。
                 技术总监宋 总( Mr.  Tony  Song)  在模具界工作多年,擅长于产品手板,硅胶复合模具以及塑料产品模具的制作和加工,对各种(塑料)模具的设计、结构分型、选用钢材有独特的见解。以品质求市场。专业技术经验十余年,在与众多新老客户的合作中,不断改善与完善技术,摸索出了同行所不可比拟的一套成熟完善的产品工艺制作流程,利用现代高科技与传统手工技术完美结合,成本更低廉,结构更合理,外形更真实以及更接近客户的设计理念,可完全按客户要求制作。质量保证,价格合理。
                 公司秉承以“诚信、时效、质量”的工作理念,坚持以“客户至上,服务客户,满足客户”为宗旨,以积极热情的工作态度创造手板中的精品,竭力为广大客户提供最优质的服务。致力使和诚成为一流的模具制造商。 竭诚为您提供低成本高满意的产品,真诚期待能与您长期合作及共同发展?。?!

        Copyright(C)2012-2013 the plastic mould trade company
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